When you’re booking a (professional) photographer, you’re not just paying someone to pick up a camera and take some photos of you or your brand. Maybe on a surface level, sure. But in reality, you are entrusting that image, that persona, to that person behind the camera. That person is now responsible for capturing you, capturing the essence of you or your brand.

In layman’s terms, they’re telling your story. That is the goal of every photo I take. Be it individual portraits or a company’s fashion campaign, I want my photos to evoke feelings, to tell the story of the subject, or to pique the viewers interest as to what the deeper meaning and the story of the subject is. I admire painters like Rembrandt and Johannes Vermeer, who created stunning portraits that were moody, dramatic, and really got the mind thinking about the deeper meaning of the subject.

These are the type of photos that I aim to create for my clients; presenting you with a unique perspective of photography. My photos are more “moody” and/or “conceptual” than most, and if you want to tell your story or sell your brand through dramatic imagery and venture off the beaten path a little with me, then I would be honored to tell it.

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