June 8, 2020


Editorial, Location

If there’s one thing I would never get tired of doing, it’s photographing editorials. Typically when I do my normal portrait shoots, it’s just me and the client. Editorials are a bit different however. I have team, and I love it. Few things bring me more joy in this line of work than a group of creatives and coming together to bring a concept to life. So when past client Tafari Wraps proposed this editorial to me, I was eager to jump on the offer.

The campaign with Tafari Wraps was centered around the Orisha. In West-African culture, the Orisha are spirits sent to guide humanity on how to live and be successful on Ayé (Earth). Delmeshia of Tafari Wraps led this editorial. The creative eye she has for her products is always welcome when I do projects for the company.

Rooted in the native religion of the Yoruba people, most orisha are said to have previously existed in the spirit world (òrún) and then became incarnated as human beings here on Earth and thematically, this is the idea that this project revolved around. We wanted to display the headwear in a tasteful manner, an ode to the cultural roots of the hands that crafted these pieces!

Art direction and Headwrap Products: Tafari Wraps

Guidance & set design: Tvol Village

Wardrobe: House Of Tafari Collection

Photography and creative direction: Athel Rogers (me!)